Automated Trading Consulting Service

We provide consultancy and advisory support to individuals, firms, brokers who want to set up their own algo trading desk with custom automated trading software having one or more trading strategies for stocks, futures, options, forex, ETF, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other financial assets.

Consultancy for partial or full transition from human approach trading to rules-based computer software programs facilitated by machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantitative financial models and power algorithms.

An estimated 75% of all financial trades via US exchanges are automated. In India algorithmic trading drives more than 50% of the trading volumes in Indian equity market and the percentage is on the rise every day. All algorithmic trading strategies can be tested under a demo environment with virtual money to ensure there are not glitches in coding structure. Traders can also include third party trading platforms and data feed into custom trading software.

If you are not sure about your strategy returns, then we assist you to simulate your trading strategy through our custom backtesting software. Customization, historical data, statistical reports, spreads, slippages, commission and other transaction costs we can include in your trading strategy in our backtesting software.

We are a team of programmers and traders having experience of more than 9+ years in programming algorithmic and automated trading systems. We are listed on Interactive Brokers Investors Market Place as programming consultants with all positive reviews.

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