Planning to build custom and robust trading software for stocks, futures, commodities, ETF, forex and crypto markets?

Our algo trading consultancy includes programmers, traders with over 9 years of experience in systematic trading, rules based trading, automated trading software in Python, JAVA, C#, C++ and more.

We develop robust, low latency custom trading software. Our focus is on multiple execution trading platform, execution of trades without any lag, to implement your proprietary trading algorithms, streaming live data feed and process calculations at lighting speed.

We provide custom GUI based automated and algorithmic trading software, charting software, backtesting software, historical data download software services for brokers, institutional traders, individual traders and investors. Customization of trading software to handle more than one asset class, handle multiple clients can be achieved with no restrictions.

Our quant programmers and developers have a lot of experience in implementing arbitrage, market making and execution algorithms for stocks, futures, options, commodities and forex markets. Web portal, mobile trading app and custom desktop bot with low latency trading systems that will impress you as a trader, your clients and your investors.

History data storage, live market data storage for custom time frame candle bars, tick by tick data into database.

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