What is Algorithmic Trading? Discipline trading and investment approach through an automated trading software with no manual intervention in stocks, forex, futures and options, commodities, cryptocurrencies. Algo trading or auto trading software eliminates human emotions. Mathematical and Quantitative trading models are proving the best in terms risk management and generating alpha returns. We are listed on Interactive Brokers Investors Market Place as programming consultants.
Access our in-house research on investments and trading strategies for Stocks, Forex, ETF, Options & Futures, commodities. Our strategies are usually positional, backtested for last 15 to 20 years. Our focus is on risk management with acceptable drawdowns. Diversified portfolio of trading strategies on equities, index futures, stock futures, gold, silver and intraday strategy on index options and trading IPO's
Access our in-house custom backtest software having smart simulation techniques. If you have trading ideas and you want to simulate or backtest on historical data to check whether your trading, investment strategy would have made money? You can simulate and check trade by trade, returns, drawdowns, peak to trough, sharpe ratio fund movement and more. Or you want to do forward testing on any of your trading strategies on multiple trading platforms?
Do you have your own trading strategy and you want to convert your manual trading activity into an automated trading robot? Connect with our expert programmers in Python, C#, JAVA, C++. We will assist you with algorithmic trading software consultancy. Access our in-house custom trading software architecture which can handle more than 1000 symbols, stock broker’s API connectivity with 1 or more trading platforms, data feed vendors. Access our in-house libraries for api connectivity, technical indicators are in python, .NET library. Software to download history data directly from exchange or third-party data feed vendors, software to download live news and stock fundamental data, software to do sentimental analysis on stocks and more
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I had the opportunity to work with Trade Vectors and they could not have been more professional. Not only did I feel like they offer a great value, but they were able to implement a fairly complicated system involving multiple factors and made sure it fully meet my expectations every step of the way. I look forward to working with them again.

Steven Lichtie

I worked with these gentlemen 1 year ago, and they were very decent, patient, sharp, and problem solving oriented for the automated algorithm I was looking for. Also very comfortable to work with, and responsive. It took us a few months to find a suitable answer but it worked finally, and I i could save thousands of Dollars compared to other code writers. nice job! I paid 20% more than what we agreed happily as a bonus.

Shervin Mokhtari

Ankur Parikh from Trade Vectors Algo Systems is a fantastic programmer with great knowledge in the field of HFT. His knowledge in writing algo programmes is very extensive. All his work is very detail oriented and streamlined for optimal efficiency. He and his company are very thorough and they are very reliable. I have been working with Ankur and his company for a number of months now and have been very happy with the work done. I highly recommend Ankur and his company to anyone looking for a HFT/algo programmer

Nicholas Pittari

Working with Ankur was not only a pleasure but his intelligence and knowledge helped bring our software product to the next level. He is a fast worker, keeps diligently to deadlines, is accurate in his work. He goes over and beyond the call of duty. It will be a pleasure to work with him again in the near future on our next phase

Elle Brys

I have been associated with Trade Vectors Algo Systems .I am pretty sold out on the fact that their team takes complete ownership of what they committed. I was one of the first investors in their index future trading strategy. Their trading strategy software has been working very robust, generating good returns and impressed with the speed of software which executes trades in the live market.
I as investor with Trade Vectors Algo Systems made 45% in 2018, 36% in 2019 and 19% in 2020 (as of 16th May, 2020)
This engagement is a solid foundation on many more opportunities, keep up your good work.

Veehang Shah

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, and want to venture into stock & Nifty trading, but don’t know how to? Contact Trade Vectors Algo Systems. They explain the concepts in such a manner that they are easy to understand. They have vast experience & knowledge in the field. Thank you Ankur for guiding me through the entire process of registering. Your continued support and service is very commendable. I wish you best of luck in all your future ventures & I will definitely be recommending you to all my family, friends & colleagues.

Shruti Patel

I have been Ankur for a long time. I am pretty sold out on the fact that he takes complete ownership of what he committed while we started. This engagement is a solid foundation on many more opportunities to give him business further. keep up your good work

Ashish Dandwate
Check our Algorithmic trading, quantitative trading courses in Python, C#, Java, C++. Amibroker, Metatrader. Are you an intraday trader? Want to program your own trading robot? Or are you a computer science student and want to explore your career as quant programmer, algorithmic trading programmer? Learn our advance algorithmic trading concepts in options trading strategies, technical analysis, learn fundamental analysis, learn machine learning, learn artificial intelligence trading strategies and more...