Trading API Integration (Trading Software System API Integration)

Our core focus has always been designing 100% robust automated trading software for stocks, futures, options, commodities, ETF, forex and other assets. We have programmed trading systems by integrating trading API of Interactive Brokers, Sterling Traders, Trading Technologies, Laser, Lime Brokerage, Odin, Omnesys Nest, Takion, Metatrader, Amibroker, ThinkOrSwim, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and more. We have also included third party data feed API like Nanex, IQfeed, CGQ, eSignal, Kinectick, Barcharts and more. Live news, quarterly reports api like Twitter, Bloomberg, Tradeconomis, Netdania, Reuters, etc.

We can integrate one or more api within a single custom trading software bot. These bots can stream live data from multiple data feeds, and can route orders into multiple execution platforms.

We are also experienced with FIX protocol (Financial Information eXchange) is basically a bundle of messages for electronic communication on financial markets. It was created by the collaboration of banks, brokers, exchangers and industry utilities, and association, and it serves as a language for automated trading of financial instruments. FIX protocol allows firms to transact in a cost-efficient, electronic and timely manner. The good part is that FIX can offer various choices and it can be adjusted to the desired workflow.

Top Trading Platforms

Our expert team is experienced with coding on many trading platforms and on broker's API (platform's API).
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